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Please note that during this time, we will not be shipping any of our resources or products (with the exception of the 2nd Edition Bringing Leadership to Life... book). Some of our below resources ARE available in PDF version and can still be downloaded below or purchased by contacting us at

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The LEADS Booklet




The LEADS booklet is a compilation of five sections that address each domain of LEADS and the four capabilities within each domain. Each section has been written by an expert in the specific field that each domain represents. The booklet documents a summary of the research that has been done since 2006 on the LEADS in a Caring Environment capabilities framework. This includes a comprehensive investigation of national and international competency frameworks in health leadership and management, the broad leadership literature, the literature specific to leadership in health, all triangulated through input from emerging, and senior leaders in healthcare across Canada.

Each section outlines the salient research underpinning:
  • The overall LEADS change model.

  • Each LEADS domain and the four capabilities within each domain.

  • The contribution each of the LEADS domains makes to the change model.  

Collectively, the sections in the LEADS booklet are a powerful set of resources that a leader can utilize to:

  • Begin to develop a plan to lead a change in health systems.

  • Identify examples from across Canada that might be used as exemplars for the LEADS capabilities.

  • Find additional resources (e.g., booklet bibliographies).

  • Provide valuable curriculum and course materials.

The College is the sole provider of the LEADS booklet.

You will need to print the form, scan it and email it to At present there is no online payment option. You may include your credit card information on the form, or if you would prefer not to email this information, a LEADS representative will contact you by telephone to make payment arrangements. Please include a daytime telephone number on the form.

PLEASE NOTE: Hard copy books are shipped from the CCHL Ottawa office via courier. Shipping charges will apply Shipping charges may exceed $35 depending upon weight and shipping distance from Ottawa.


LEADS Brochures


Health Sector


Public Sector*


PDF (Electronic Copies)

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PDF (Electronic Copies)

  Order Form (print copies)

*While the LEADS framework was designed for the Health Sector, jurisdictions in the Public Sector (municipal and provincial) are finding LEADS also applies in their setting.


Additional LEADS Resources:


Bringing Leadership to Life in Health: LEADS in a Caring Environment (2nd edition)—Putting LEADS to Work

 Graham Dickson (Author), Bill Tholl (Author)

This book describes what it means to be a leader in today's world and the key challenges to better leadership in our health system. The second edition highlights how LEADS has been put to productive use across Canada and internationally.

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Tri-Namics: Leadership Wisdom for the Health System

Develop your leadership wisdom with this practical resource book, applications and systems that is aligned with the LEADS in a Caring Environment capabilities framework.

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Please go to LEADS Services to find out more about what LEADS Canada has to offer.