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Renewal Requirements

OLF/OLI Certification – Renewal Requirements

In order for OLF and OLI's to renew their three-year certification, the following requirements must be completed:

1. Participation in a renewal webinar which will include:
  • Interaction and dialogue with other Organizational LEADS Facilitators and Organizational LEADS Integrators from different organizations across varying sectors of healthcare as an opportunity to network and share ideas and experiences through participating in a webinar for this purpose;
  • Reflect on and share your experience as an OLF/OLI;
  • Provide mutual support and learn what would help you sharpen your facilitation skills; and
  • Receive updates on what is new at LEADS Canada.  Learn how to stay connected in the LEADS Community for Practice.
    2. Proof of maintenance of credentials.

    5. Payment of the 3-year licensing renewal fee of $750.

    LEADS Canada offers certification renewal webinars twice every year, in May and November.  To prevent your certification from expiring, you have the option to choose from the following scheduled dates:  

       Monday, May 17, 2021    REGISTER HERE
       Monday, November 15, 2021    REGISTER HERE