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LEADS in Manitoba

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  The Province of Manitoba has adopted the LEADS in a Caring Environment framework  as Manitoba’s preferred leadership learning platform. This initiative will connect leadership programming throughout Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living, all Regional Health Authorities, CancerCare Manitoba, Shared Health and the University of Manitoba's Rady Faculty of Health Sciences. The goal is to establish an integrated and sustainable Manitoba leadership development framework that:

  • Adopts the LEADS in a Caring Environment leadership framework as Manitoba’s preferred leadership learning platform
  • Connects leadership program initiatives throughout Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living, Regional Health Authorities, Provincial Health Organizations and the University of Manitoba’s Rady Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Delivers a sustainable LEADS based programming model to support Manitoba’s health transformation agenda
The LEADS in a Caring Environment Provincial Leadership Initiative has completed the following:

  1. Received endorsement to develop a province-wide, shared leadership talent management initiative
  2. Adopted LEADS in a Caring Environment Leadership Framework as Manitoba’s preferred leadership learning platform
  3. Established a Provincial Steering Committee
  4. Identified and certified LEADS Facilitators across Manitoba’s health community
  5. Conducted a provincial needs assessment in Manitoba
  6. Identified twelve key insights via a provincial workshop
  7. Identified and ranked talent management initiatives through a provincial survey
  8. Developed a Talent Pool Management process
  9. Integrated LEADS training in the Max Rady College of Medicine undergraduate curriculum
  10. Developed a LEADS based psychometric assessment tool via the Management Pro platform
  11. Developed an online portal for information related to LEADS in Manitoba

Next Steps
  1. Continue the development of the LEADS Facilitator program
  2. Develop and deliver aligned provincial talent management strategies; and
  3. Evaluate progress with relevant success metrics

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LEADS in a Caring Environment Provincial Leadership Initiative Steering Committee members:

Beth Beaupre (Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living)
Sheila Betker (WRHA)
Trish Braun (SRHA)
Helga Bryant (NRHA)
Randy Dallinger (IERHA)
Gerry Gattinger (PMH)
Joanne Goldstone (Shared Health)
Nina Kostiuk (CCMB)
Frank Krupka (CHI)
Debrah Wirtzfeld (U of M Rady Faculty of Health Sciences)