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LEADS Organizational License


LEADS Organizational License Overview


  • 3 years, subject to renewal fees after expiry


  • for non-commercial, internal use within an organization;
  • for talent development and organizational culture programs, including performance reviews, job descriptions and succession planning; and
  • for development and promotion of LEADS-based leadership programs provided by currently certified LEADS Internal Facilitator(s)


  • Access to LEADS in Caring Environment Framework including domain names, domain capabilities and behaviours.
  • Use of the distinction as and title of “LEADS Licensed Organization” while licensed.
  • Access to the online LEADS Community for Practice for Organizational Development representatives that includes access to resources, research and discussion forums.
  • As part of the LEADS Community, organizations with a LEADS License are asked to share resources and experiences in the LEADS Community for Practice, as well as consider participating in LEADS-based leadership development research when requested.

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