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LEADS Diagnostic Assessment & Reports


LEADS Diagnostic Assessment

The LEADS Diagnostic Assessment addresses the current capacity of an organization to provide leadership development. The assessment, conducted by certified LEADS Consultants, is a thorough examination of an organization’s existing guiding principles, culture and leadership with a reflection on their alignment within the LEADS in a Caring Environment capabilities framework .

The service employs benchmark or “gap” analysis based on a systematic review of existing leading practices and accepted leadership guidelines. It relies on both qualitative and quantitative data to populate the model. Worksheets are combined with semi-structured, interviews administered to assess what is working (“appreciative inquiry”) and areas for improvement (“critical appraisal”). A final report is developed with recommendations as to how to build on what is working.

Since all leadership is a function of time, place and circumstances, the Diagnostic Assessment uses an iterative process of working with an Oversight Team to fine-tune results to the special language and leadership circumstance of the health care organization. The final report can be used as a baseline for evaluating progress in terms of leadership development over time.

The Diagnostic Assessment consists of a review of key documents, interviews with key staff members (5-8), a LEADS mapping report, a two-hour session on LEADS and the report, including suggested priorities for a LEADS-based leadership development strategy.


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LEADS 360 Aggregate Report Interpretation

The LEADS 360 aggregate report interpretation provides the organization with an opportunity to see how leadership behaviour is observed across the organization. This written report, authored by a certified LEADS Coach, provides a summary and interpretation of the anonymous LEADS 360 results across the leadership levels (as identified by the LEADS 360 assessments completed). The LEADS Coach, upon delivery of the report to the  organization, is available for a teleconference with an audience from the organization to discuss the results of the interpretation and the potential impact on organizational leadership development.

The aggregate report interpretation promotes discussion regarding support for leadership development from an organizational perspective, taking into account that areas for leadership development are contextual and linked to the strategic direction of the organization, the make-up of the team and the desired destination of the leaders in the team.


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